ICSDC believes in valuing the integrity of the content. This conference has a conflict of interest policy that each submitted paper (Full Paper) must include.

Ethical Responsibilities of Authors

The author(s) participating in the conference must strictly follow the ethical guidelines mentioned below while submitting paper(s) in this conference.


  • Author(s) should ensure that the paper they are submitting neither has been published nor is in the process of being published elsewhere in any form such as preprint etc.
  • Any publication that is duplicated or redundant will be rejected immediately.
  • The usage of content from other resources (including their own published writings) should be explicitly cited and quoted, and the copyright holder should be consulted if necessary.

Competing Interest

  • Prior to submission, authors must present their study findings clearly and honestly and without fabrication.
  • Authors are advised to declare if there is any potential competing interests with any individual or any organization.


  • All those who have made important contributions to the study should be listed as co-authors or must be properly acknowledged within the article and vice versa.

Plagiarism Policy

  • This conference has zero tolerance policy on Plagiarism.
  • The paper perceived as plagiarized will be rejected immediately, and it will be retracted by the publisher if the paper is published.
  • Authors must confirm that proper source of information is cited.
  • Excessive and inappropriate self-citation is strongly discouraged.
  • Conference may use Software to detect plagiarized content and would not allow any content with more than 19% of plagiarism with no more than 5% from a single source.

Fundamental Errors in Published Works

In case if author(s) discover significant errors or wrongness in any part of its research, such as results, the author should promptly notify the editorial team or publisher. The author(s) would be responsible for making corrections or would withdraw the paper immediately.

Avoiding Unethical Publishing

In case of any misconduct or fraudulent publication, the editorial team will take necessary actions to amend the work. Further, the editorial team would take prompt actions regarding any malpractice to prevent the publication of the paper if any significant misconduct has been found. Under no circumstance, the editorial team would allow such practices at any stage of publishing.